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Nyingma Mandala

Since coming to the West, Tarthang Tulku has established many different organizations, each playing a different role in the transmission of Buddhist teachings in the West. These organizations can be thought of as a mandala, with a central point that unfolds in the four directions, each fulfilling in a different way the vision of the whole. 

Center: Tibetan Nyingma Meditation Center (TNMC)

TNMC is the spiritual center of the Nyingma organizations. It is the vehicle for the Head Lama to shape the vision of Nyingma in the West. Nyingma Trust and Guna Foundation are part of TNMC.

East: Dharma Publishing and Yeshe De Project

Dharma Publishing and the Yeshe De Project make available the teachings, both in written form and through sacred art. As suggested by the eastern rising sun, the unfolding of the vision begins here, for the teachings support understanding that can deepen into realization.

In a Tibetan mandala, East is on the bottom rather than to the right.

South: Tibetan Aid Project

The south is associated with the earth, and with lineage. The Tibetan Aid Project reaches back to the Tibetan people, the source of the Nyingma heritage, and helps preserve their culture. It also reaches out to the public at large, inviting their participation.

West: Odiyan

The west is the realm of beauty and fulfillment, representing the riches of the tradition as it comes to full flower. The temples and monuments of Odiyan, a retreat center and monastery, express this beauty. By giving form to the teachings, Odiyan helps assure that in the future those teachings will flourish in the Western world.

Ratna Ling is a non-profit retreat center with an emphasis on exploration and education.

North: Nyingma Institute

The north is associated with accomplishment and completion, and the Nyingma Institute fulfills this role by making the teachings available in a form adapted for the culture of the West and for these challenging times.

Light Foundations

Established in 2005, these five foundations work to bring Dharma back to places in Asia where it once thrived and to strengthen the practice of Dharma where it has
weakened. LBDFI is one of the 5 Light foundations.

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