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40 years in the West

1969 Tarthang Tulku arrives in California.
1970 Start of Tibetan Pen Friend program: monthly donations to individual Tibetans.
1972 Nyingma Institute opens in Berkeley.
1975 Dedication of Odiyan. Dharma Press and Publishing are incorporated.
1978 Rinpoche retires from public taching to focus on major publishing and temple projects.
1980 Odiyan Enlightenment Stupa, 113 feet tall, built in just 3 months. All text pages for Tibetan Buddhist Canon printed: 120 atlas-sized volumes.
1982 Rinpoche returns to his native Tibet for the first time in more than 30 yrs; sponsors reconstruction of Tarthang Monastery.
1983 Odiyan Open House celebrates completion of Central Mandala.
1986 Installation of Japanese bell at the Odiyan Stupa.
1987 Creation of the first digitized Tibetan font for typesetting of Tibetan texts.
1988 108 Land Stupas are placed at places of spiritual power throughout Odiyan.
1989 Rinpoche initiates the first World Peace Ceremony, Monlam Prayers, in Bodh Gaya, where the Buddha was enlightened. More than 600 monks and lamas participated.
1990 First international conference of Nyingma centers takes place, attended by representatives from Brazil, Germany, Holland, and the United States.
1994 Exterior of Vajra temple is covered with sacred lantsa characters, each cast by hand.
1996 Odiyan Open House attracts thousands of visitors.
1998 Vietnamese Buddhists visit Odiyan. This year more than 80,000 books and 150,000 art prints are sent to India.
1999 Queen Mother of Bhutan sends several sculptors to Odiyan to assist with the Chintamani sculpture project.
2001 160,000 books and 10,000 hand prayer wheels are produced for free distribution.
2004 Rinpoche establishes 5 Light Foundations to restore and uplift Buddhism in the world, particularly Asian countries.
2005 Opening of Ratna Ling retreat center.
2006 Theravadin Tripitaka Chanting established in Bodh Gaya.
2007 Gold plating and restoration of Swayambhu Stupa. Completion of Cintamani temple. Completion of Vairana Garden at Odiyan.
2008 Nyingma Trust founded to support members of the Nyingma Community.
2009 Half a million texts printed to be sent to the World Peace Ceremony. Until 2008 2.2 million books have been distributed to more than 3000 Dharma centers in Asia.

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