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Touching Gratitude Campaign

It is a rare privilege to devote oneself to full-time Dharma work, fulfilling the vision of Tarthang Tulku and his lineage of Nyingma teachers: preserving the Dharma in Asia and introducing Buddhist wisdom to the West. Our community is grateful for the opportunity to work on sacred projects, participate in the translation of Buddhist teachings, engage in activities benefiting all beings on our planet, and to have the opportunity to work so closely with an authentic and visionary teacher and guide.

Reading the websites of our sister organizations focuses our goals for Nyingma Trust to help sustain and preserve our community of like-minded individuals who have trained with and offered help to Rinpoche’s projects.

Our small yet effective group is expanding and also aging, and we will need a lot of support to help some of us into old age and to keep the health and vitality of our younger members strong. We hope you will join Nyingma Trust in a new campaign that wholeheartedly seeks to express the gratitude for all that has been built and for all who have worked so hard over the past forty years.

By participating in Touching Gratitude, you can express your own appreciation towards this vital work - not only by offering funds for support, but by accepting our patron gifts of sacred art, practice aids, literature and workshops, offered to help deepen your meditation and understanding of this tradition.

If you wish to learn more about exciting options for larger offerings or estate planning gifts, please contact our office by calling (510) 809-1550.

The Nyingma Trust Touching Gratitude Campaign - Patron Benefits*

All of our donors will be gifted with prayers for good health at the Odiyan Stupa on November 17, 2011, The Descent from the Heavens Day, with its magnification power of x10,000,000. In appreciation of your generous patronage, we offer these special benefits and gifts for donations of the following amounts: Donors may make a one-time lump-sum gift or schedule monthly account withdrawals. Click here to download the PDF.

$300 Prayer Bead Patron: $25/mo
A 27” string of 5 Prayer Flags and a Rosewood Mala

$500 Jeweled Mala Patron: $42/mo
Metta Buddha replica statue of the Buddha in the Bodh Gaya Stupa, India
A Healing Mala, bone inset with turquoise and coral
A Copy of Padmasambhava Comes to Tibet by Yeshe Tsogyal

$1000 Copper Patron: $84/mo
A string of 15 Prayer Flags and a Metta Buddha replica statue
An Avalokitesvara Series of 5 Saffron Prayer Flags
A Gourmet vegetarian lunch hosted by the Mangalam Center
Participation in a Center for Creative Inquiry Event
An 18” x 24” Thanka Giclee

$2500 Bronze Patron: $209/mo
A Metta Buddha replica statue
Any 3 Saturday workshops of your choice (pre-requisites filled)
A complimentary ticket to the annual San Francisco Taste and Tribute Dinner
A Retreat on Death & Dying given at Ratna Ling Retreat Center

$5000 Silver Patron: $417/mo
A Metta Buddha replica statue
Any one 3-day Seminar at the Tibetan Nyingma Institute, including
A Thanka that embodies the seminar’s meditation practices, and
Registration in the following workshops:
Medicine Buddha - Healing Workshop, Avalokitesvara - Compassion Workshop, Manjusri - Buddhist Studies Workshop.
A complimentary ticket to the annual San Francisco Taste and Tribute Dinner

$10,000 Gold Patron: $834/mo
A Metta Buddha replica statue
A full week-long retreat with private instruction
A 5 day Retreat at Ratna Ling, focused on Developing Questioning Minds
Complimentary tickets to San Francisco Taste and Tribute Dinner and the New York Taste and Tribute Dinner


*Items listed are generously gifted by these organizations: Nyingma Institute, Dharma Publishing, Tibetan Aid Project, Ratna Ling, Mangalam Center and Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International.

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