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Volunteer at the new Dharma Mangalam office in downtown Berkeley

This opportunity to work harmoniously on peaceful and worthwhile projects is ideal for people interested in deepening their spiritual practices as well as for those simply exploring.

Volunteer positions are available either part-time with flexible scheduling or with our full-time residential program including classes, work as meditation, and participation in a cooperative Buddhist community. Room and board with healthy gourmet vegetarian meals, classes in basic Buddhist topics, and a small stipend are provided.

Immediate Staffing Positions To Be Filled for Nyingma Trust

1. Skilled graphics computer person who can help in design of newsletters, flyers, web messages, and volunteer site-posting.

2. General administrative data entry person for donor tracking and cultivation, past donor research and QuickBooks financial entry.

3. Writer-editor for newsletters, appeals and estate planning presentations.

4. Seamstresses, tailors, grommeters and heat cutters for final production of Prayer Flags for Peace.

5. Person with entrepreneurial orientation for product or services development, capable of creating business plans and executing products from vision to production and initial distribution.

1815 Highland Place
Berkeley CA 94709



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