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Make a Bequest

Q. Can the Nyingma Trust help me get my estate planning done?

A. Yes. Just ask for our free estate planning kit. The kit includes:

Effective estate planning usually takes time, effort, and a good attorney. In the end, your plan will allow your family to avoid the delay, dissension, and needless expense that often occurs when a loved one dies without a Will. Once you have taken care of your family's needs, please consider a thoughtful bequest to the Nyingma Trust.

To order your estate planning kit, call the Executive Director of Nyingma Trust, Judy Rasmussen at 510-540-7639 or info@nyingmatrust.org.

"Being able to make a contribution towards this community and knowing that there is an empowered sacred site like the Odiyan Stupa and a focused and willing Community, ready to pray for health and success in all endeavors, is a rare and precious opportunity in this life."

-Lynn, California

1815 Highland Place
Berkeley CA 94709



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